On this page you will find the results and documentation of projects that I have been up to. Out of consideration for NDA's I will limit this overview to hobby projects, and expired reports (I keep an embargo of approx. 2 years).

Research project: Operational Risk Management in Malaysian Banks

Context: Internship programme at KPMG Consulting Sdn Bhd
Topic: "Operational Risk Management in Malaysian Banks - Challenges for IT systems"
Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
When: September-November 2002
Deliverables: Final results report
Results: Grade "8"

During my stay in the very interesting country Malaysia, I deployed a study to the impact of the pending Basel New Capital Accord for customers of KPMG Consulting. The results were an advise on how to roll-out an organisation and IT-infrastructure for operational risk management for the customers of the Financial Services department, to comply with the new legislatory arrangements.

Documents and links:
KPMG Consulting Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision , City of Basel, Switzerland
Final Results November 25th, 2002 - PDF File (580 kB)

Design contest "Tel je tikken"

Context: nation-wide design contest
When: April-June 2001
Deliverables: design documents
Results: 2 prizes (see awards section)

In this project I proposed two solutions for students houses or small hotels to compute the costs of telephone calls for on demand billing purposes.

Documents and links:
Design documents - PDF, dutch only (size: 99 kb)
Jury report - PDF, dutch only (size: 54 kb)
Homepage of the design contest, dutch only

Electronic Disco Light Computer

Context: both hobby and practical physics exam on highschool
When: 1995 - 1996
Deliverables: design documents, prototype and software
Results: top grade and lots of fun

For the final years project for physics, and because I wanted to cheer upcoming graduation parties, I designed and built a device that could control 16 lamps. It could be connected to a pc, and by means of dedicated software (also developed by me) it could make a nice lightshow.

Although we had lots of fun with it at many parties, somewhere in 2000 the device got lost.

Photos of the early prototype:
Me and the prototype
A close up of the lightcontroller